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Wanted to share with you all the latest on what we’ve doing for cooking at home. I was so excited when I heard about “Flashfoodbox”  opening here locally from Detroit. Basically, its a service that makes my life so SO much easier when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking.


One full and big box of produce and surplus protein delivered straight to your doorstep. Each box will have 9 to 11 DIFFERENT types of produce and 3 to 4 DIFFERENT protein packs. The box I received included potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, apples and oranges. The protein portion included a variety of easy and ready to cook meat selections.


This box has helped me meal prep for my lunches for work and also allowed for me to have something easy to cook when I come home from work. Fresh salads, chicken sandwiches, and turkey meatballs with vegetables are some things I’ve made so far.


The goal the company is aiming for with this service is to stop food waste and make heathy food options more readily available. Each box makes around 14 servings, at under $3 per meal. The amount that is delivered is the perfect amount for any family ranging from 2-5 person family.


One time purchase will cost $35.99, and if you subscribe you get 10% off each box costing $32.39.


Use code LAMSTYLE to get 50% off your first box.


Order here   flashfoodbox.com/…/surplus-produce-protein-box

Follow them on Instagram @flashfoodinc


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