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Wanted to share with you the latest skin deets I’ve been using. As you may have noticed, I post a lot about different skin products. I guess you can say I am always on the hunt for the prefect skin care line. I’ve always struggled with my skin and with acne, I even used Accutane in my early adolescence. I also never just stick to the same skin care routine.

I was so happy when I received AB skincare in the mail a few months ago. I’ve been using it daily, and I must say I am really happy with the results. Its a 3- step system that comes with a cleanser, a moisturizer and an acne spot treatment. What I love about the cleanser is that its not harsh or drying AT ALL! My skin feels so smooth after I use it. The moisturizer is actually a glycerin spray moisturizer so it makes it so much

easier to use, and its’s quicker! The acne spot treatment has worked wonders on my blemishes. I usually just apply a small amount when I notice a new pimple, and by the morning its basically gone. I’ve used so many spot treatments in the past that would just leave my skin dry and irritated. These products are gentle on skin but at the same time they’re EFFECTIVE. It’s especially ideal for people who struggle with sensitive skin like myself. I love that the products are free of the high-grade allergens, fragrances, botanicals, parabens, and artificial colorants which usually is the cause of breakouts and skin irritation. It also contains zinc/titanium mineral powder for sunburn prevention.
Its was formulated directly from a board certified dermatologist who kept all the ingredients simple, and genius in my opinion.

Click here to check out the website and their products.

The 3 step system retails for $39.99.

P.S they have beauty products too!!

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