My Secret To A Bright Under Eye

1. Moisturizer

The first step to achieve a bright under eye is hydration. Lately I’ve been using Mario Badescu eye gel under my eyes, day and night. It really helps moisturize and smooth fine lines. There are a lot of different under eye products to use, so if you find one that works for your skin then stick to it. You can find this specific product at Ulta, Nordstrom or online. You can shop it here at Ulta. Retails for $18.00.

2. Under Eye Primer

The next step would be to apply an under eye primer. Smashbox sells a really nice hydrating primer. It’s actually infused with caffeine so it helps reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Shop it on Ulta here.  Can also find it at Sephora, Nordstrom and online as well. Retails for $29.00.

3. The Concealer

So the most important part is obviously the type of concealer to use. I’ve used so many different types of concealers over the years since I struggle with naturally dark circles under my eyes. My by far go to concealer is the MAC Prolongwear concealer. A lot of people use this, especially makeup artists and its for good reason. It WORKS. Retails for $22.00.

4. Setting Powder

For this step I use 2 different products. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is just AMAZING. I’m so happy I discovered this product cause it’s literally changed my life lol. It’s so light and does NOT accentuate face lines. It basically maximizes coverage and keeps your concealer in place and bright. I mix this with bareMinerals “well rested eye brightener” concealer powder. You can try both of these products seperate or mix them together and see what works best for you. This bareMinerals concealer also has SPF 20 in it which is a plus. Shop the Laura Mercier powder here on Sephora website. Retails for $25.00. And shop the bareMinerals concealer here also from Sephora, retails for $20.00. The bareMinerals concealer powder is actually also great for concealing dark spots and acne scars, its my go to.

5. The Finish

Once I’m all done setting my concealer, I love to use the “smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water” spray at the end of applying my makeup.  I know its a primer and should technically be used before applying your makeup but I’ve found that this product works best at the end.  I apply a few sprays all over my face, and it gives just the right amount of hydration to my eyes to keep my skin looking really fresh and hydrated. Shop it on Ulta here. Retails for $32.00. 

Tip: Good hydration is key. If your skin is dry, the lines under your eyes will accentuate and the makeup will not apply fluently. Also, a good makeup brush for application is also needed to ensure a smooth and fluid look.

Say bye bye to dark eyes.. 🙂 Hope this helps.



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