Hey guys! Wanted to share with you a website that I recently discovered with the most amazing interior design inspo!

The website is called Urban Walls and they provide removable wallpapers,  art prints, murals, and wall decals. Ideal for any modern space!

I selected a few of my favorite looks that I wanted to share with you all.

1- Midnight Peonies


Love this removable wall decal for any space really. The black and white makes it sophisticated enough for a dining room but would also be just as lovely in a bedroom. It’s also a classic look that wont go out of style.

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2- Banana Leaves

This print is so on trend right now. Makes any space modern and stylish. Perfect for a sun room or office space.

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3- Petals and Pansies Wall Mural

Absolutely obsessed with this whimsical wall mural. Ideal for a nursery for little girls bedroom! So much detail!

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4- Blushing Peonies

Another peony wall decal that I love. For anyone that knows me, they know I’m obsessed with the color blush. Love the simplicity and color scheme of this.

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5- Pastel Garden Flowers

This wall decal is so colorful and so fun. Would definitely transform and elevate any space!

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These are just a few of my favs. Check out their website and Instagram for other designs and ideas!


Instagram: @urbanwalls

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